Eyelash Extension Kit Information

Eyelash Extension Kit Information

Posted by iLashCo.us on Feb 14th 2019


Eyelash Kit Items Included ~ When, How, along with How Much to Use ~ Pointers for Professionals

Eyelash Extensions - Your kit will include either our Sakura Silk Lash or Black Diamond Lash trays...or both. Black Diamond Lash is an exclusive product backed by extensive research on the comfort, hold, and look of synthetic lash extensions. Special fiber material provide a soft and glossy surface, giving a more visually dense black. From the tip portion to the extended eyelashes, the hair fibers differ from the general synthetic mink or silk lashes; printing softer and more lightweight so consumers feel very comfortable yet fuller. Sakura Silk Lash is an excellent choice for those preferring the feel of silk eyelash extensions. Sakura Silk is a more subtle black and will feel and look like more of a natural lash.

*Our lash trays comes with 16 rows per tray vs. the normal 12 rows (or less) you’ll see in other trays. This results in more clients per tray, which equals more quality revenue.

Cleanser - For cleaning the natural eyelash area prior to applying eyelash extensions. Our cleanser removes eye build-up, mascara, makeup, dirt, oils, and other foreign particles. We’ve included lint-free applicators wands (aka eyelash remover sticks) for assisting you with the pre-clean and the post-removal process.

Glues - Our professional eyelash extension glues are of premium quality. We refrain from using unnecessary harmful ingredients you may find in other adhesives (i.e. latex). While certain glues may emphasize a particular strength (speed, sensitivity, hold power), all of our glues are highly capable.


- Keep out of the reach of children;

- Firmly close the bottle after each use;

- If the adhesive gets into the eyes, immediately wash it out with plenty of water;

- It is recommended to store glue in a cool and dry place.

*All of our products are suitable for professional eyelash extension only!

**Self application and open-eye application are very dangerous.

*** Some people may be allergic to adhesives!

**** If you apply the glue on the skin itself, skin trouble or irritation will occur.

*Professional lash applications are applied to each individual (natural) eyelash. Eyes must be closed while glue/eyelash extensions are being applied. We do not recommend any person applying professional eyelash extensions to themselves.

Removers - Our eyelash extension glue removers are gel and cream based removers. Our gel removers are mild and come in white (regular) and pink (grapefruit fragrance). We’ve included lint-free applicators wands (aka eyelash remover sticks) for assisting you with the pre-clean and the post-removal process. Using the lash remover sticks, apply a small amount of remover to the glued area where the natural and false eyelashes are connected. Allow approximately 3 to 5 minutes for the debonding process to take effect.

Tweezers - Professional eyelash extension applications require a high level of precision and exactitude. Our tweezers our made from hard metal, stainless steel, and are anti-magnetic. To ensure versatility and comfort level we’ve include 1 straight tip and 1 curved tip tweezer. Your tweezers will be specified within the kit details, and will be Vetus made.

Eye Pads - Our lint-free coenzyme q10 under eye pads are Korean FDA approved. While the eye pad’s main purpose is to securely separate (cover) the bottom lashes, our pads will also serve as an under eye treatment; rejuvenating the area while you work on their precious lashes.

Jumbo Air Blower - Great for those that are sensitive around the eyes. Although faster, some clients are not comfortable with using electric and/or heated drying methods. We use both in our lash studio.

Scissors - Our 3 ½ inch curved-tip beauty scissors are stainless steel, and are an excellent tool to use when it becomes necessary for things like lash shaping, trimming, and separating.

Mascara Brushes - You will use mascara brushes to comb out the finished product. It’s also not a bad idea to give one to each client upon leaving for future use.

Applicator Wands - Lint-free applicator wands aka eyelash remover sticks aka lint-free brushes. We’ve included lint-free applicators wands (aka eyelash remover sticks) for assisting you with the pre-clean and the post-removal process.

Eyelash Extension/Glue Ring(s) - Our eyelash extension and glue rings are perfect for on-the-go use. There are so many situations that can and will come about that will bring convenience to these.

For more product information (ingredients, msds, re-orders, special inquiries), don't hesitate to contact us. We appreciate you!